School Photography


Principal/Admin Information


Island Life Photographics is a boutique provider of school photo services in Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  Our approach is defined by our passion for quality photography and responsive local service.  Our packages are price competitive and we offer a full suite of admin products for schools. 


We are different from the national chains in a number of meaningful ways.  All our programs alway allow parents to see photos before they purchase, our backgrounds include local recognizable scenes and our customer service is local and responsive.  This combination improves the school photo experience and  generates more satisfied parents.

Our approach for administrators is to remove as much of the work surrounding photo day as possible.  We have earned the reputation of providing a smooth and efficient  onsite experience providing a clear distinction between us and other providers.

Our systems fully support MyEdBC school data input and we provide a full host of  admin support products.  Contact us at 778 420 2833 us use the contact us link to discuss your school's photo day needs.

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How to prepare


For us there are two approaches to photo day with regard to clothing.


The classic approach is to go with formal clothes and solid colours.  An outfit free fro m distracting patterns and logos can focus the attention on your child.  Think navy blue, red or earth tones as good base colours.  Match this with a traditional background and you have a  timeless classic portrait.  If your thinking about getting your child's haircut.  Usually a week before photo day is best to let it grow in a little.


Contrary to the above some of our favourite photos are from parents who have selected clothes that reflect the child's personality and interests. It is can be a great way to create a meaningful snapshot from this moment in time. For personalities that can't be contained, we say go for it and celebrate their favorite superhero, brands or crazy patterns.  These images matched with fun light hearted backgrounds can be awesome to look back on as we see our kids grow and change.

We aim for natural smiles and try to draw them out with a fun and relaxed shooting environment.  We welcome communications with the kids and if you prefer a closed mouth smile please instruct the child to let us know or send a note so we can best meet your needs.   

How to view my photos


Your child will come home with a personalized form from the school containing their Online Gallery Code.  This code along with instructions on how to view their photos will be laid out on this form.  Enter this code into any of our view my photos links to gain access to your unique gallery.

Your photos are ready to view when the personalized form arrives home usually within a 1 week of photo day. 



How to order


Your Portraits will be available to purchase online until March 1st the following year and then archived for an additional year.

We accept Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment.  We are happy to accommodate other forms of payment by contacting us directly to place your order.

If a Digital Download is purchased, you will receive a separate email (within 24 hours of placing your order) with a secure link to download your image(s)

How long to receive


All orders will be shipped directly to your address, expect them to arrive approximately 4 weeks after ordering.  They are shipped from town within 10 days however Canada Post delivery times in November can be longer than desired.

Once an online order has been submitted, it enters our automated system and changes cannot be made to the original order. Please contact us within 3 months to resolve any issues with your order.


If you missed the order deadline your photos are still available with direct ship to home cost of $4.95  


Retake Day


If the photo proofs are not to your satisfaction, complete the retake information found on your child’s original handout and return to the photographer on retake day. This will help to communicate your direction to the photographer.

We work hard and aim to please. 


All orders will be shipped directly to your address. We have provided a discounted shipping rate of $1.95 for 30 days. After the Discount Shipping Deadline, shipping cost increases to $4.95   

Refund Policy


Our photos are available to view and purchase online before orders are placed.  This preview/proof option offers an advantage over many of our competitors whom require a pre-purchase of packages without seeing a proof.


If there is an order discrepancy or issue with delivery Island Life Photographics will correct the issue free of charge.


Once a transaction has been completed, (the buyer selected and paid for their photos and Island Life Photographics has fulfilled and delivered the order to the buyer as ordered) it is considered non-refundable.

All sales are final and packages delivered as ordered through our proof/preview system are non refundable. 


COVID-19 Safety Protocol's


Island Life Photographics is committed to providing a safe and successful photo day. We have developed a safety plan to outline the policies, guidelines, and procedures in compliance with Work Safe BC. Your health and safety are our top priorities. We hope to see you soon!


  • Implementing no-touch posing method. All students will stand to avoid student to student contact on photo stools.

  • Placing floor markings and one-way aisles to create physical distancing.

  • Photographer will maintain a distance of 6 ft or more using a clear safety barrier with a hole cut out between student and photographer during capture.

  • The flexibility to set up only one station and operate over a longer period of time.

  • Student cohorts to be brought to the photo station one a time to reduce buildup in the photo area or hallway.

  • If applicable, class photos will be composites of each student’s individual portrait.

  • We will have masks, face shields and hand sanitizer on hand.

  • Photos will be viewed and purchased online. All orders will be shipped to your address to reduce handling and contact within the school.


  • We will provide hand sanitizer for students to use before entering the photo area.

  • Staff will carry a mask, face shield and carry essential sanitization items.


  • We are regularly monitoring our health and will contact the school immediately to reschedule if we develop any Covid-related symptoms.

  • Please do not attend school photos if you, or any of your students are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms. Common symptoms include:

    • Fever and/or runny nose

    • New or worsening cough

    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    • Chills and feeling very unwell

    • Muscle and/or body aches

    • Headache and/or tiredness

Note: Photography safety protocols may change based on new or revised recommendations from local and national government agencies.