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2023/24 Island Life Schools Photo Dates


Au Coeur de L'ile

Captain Meares School
Carihi Secondary
Cortes School
Campbell River Christian School

École des Deux Mondes
École Mer-et-montagne
École Phoenix Middle School
École Willow Point Elementary
Georgia Park Elementary

Miracle Beach Elementary

Ocean Grove Elementary

Penfield Elementary
Pinecrest Elementary
Quadra Elementary

Queneesh Elementary

Ripple Rock Elementary

Robron Center

Sandowne Elementary

Sayward Elementary
Southgate Middle School
Timberline Secondary

Photo Day

Oct 11

Sept 12
Oct 17
Sept 15

Sept 18
Sept 25

Sept 13
Sept 20
Oct 4
Sept 26
Sept 22

Sept 28

Sept 19
Sept 27
Sept 14 

Oct 3

Sept 21 
Oct 25 
Oct 6 
Sept 11

Oct 12

Oct 5

Retake Day

Nov 3

Nov 7
Oct 16
Oct 20

Oct 10
Oct 10
Oct 25
Oct 26
Oct 23
Oct 20
Oct 19
Oct 27
Oct 13
Nov 1
Oct 19

Nov 22

Nov 6

Oct 2

Nov 2

Oct 24

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Prepare

We feel that there are two approaches to photo day with regard to clothing.


The Classic approach is to go with formal clothes and solid colours.  An outfit free from distracting patterns and logos can focus the attention on your child.  Think navy blue, red or earth tones as good base colours.  Match this with a traditional background and you have a timeless classic portrait.  If you're thinking about getting your child's haircut, a week before photo day is best to let it grow in a little.


Contrary to the above, the Personality approach is for personalities that can't be contained. We say go for it and celebrate their favorite superhero, brand or crazy patterns that reflect their personality and interests. It can be a great way to create a meaningful snapshot from this moment in time. These images, matched with fun & light hearted backgrounds can be a great way to look back as you see kids grow and change over the years.

Avoid white if you would like text on your portrait.


We aim for natural smiles and try to draw them out with a fun and relaxed shooting environment.  We welcome communications with the kids and if you prefer a closed mouth smile please instruct your child to let us know or send a note so we can best meet your needs.   

What is my Online Code?

School: Your Online Code can be found on your personalized flyer that was handed out by your student’s teacher. Your student ID is your online code, it will remain the same through all their school years. This code is for retake day as well. Contact us if you require your code.

Grad & Sports: You will receive an email containing a direct link to your online gallery.


What if my Order is Incomplete or Wrong?

If you did not receive the correct order, please phone or email us directly within 30 days of receiving your order. We will fix it ensure it is correct as ordered.


When can I see my photos online?

School: Your photos will be ready to view within 72 hours of photo day.

Sports: Your photos will be ready to view within 2 weeks of photo day.

Grad: Your photos will be ready to view within 1 week of photo day.


What do I do if I make a mistake on my order after it’s been placed?

Generally, once an order is placed, we are unable to make changes. Please contact us.


Can I change my background colour?

Portraits that have been photographed using our Virtual Background program allow background changes. Portraits taken on a solid background cannot be changed.


Can I mix different poses on one sheet?

Sheets in Build Your Own only allow one pose.


Can I mix different poses in the same package?

Most packages allow different poses in packages.


Can I mix my multiple children in the same package?

You cannot mix multiple children (subjects) in one package.


Retake Day or Make Up Day

School: Please fill out and return the Retake form on the photo flyer you received from the school. Please remember to bring your retake form so that we can properly identify your student.

Grad: You will be able to book a retake day appointment online. It will be made available after the original grad photos are ready.

Sports: If you are not able to attend photo day, other sports days may be scheduled to be able to drop in. You may or may not be included in the group photo. Please contact us for available dates.


I did not receive my Retake Photo to view

School: We provide take-home flyers on retake day for students who had missed photo day. Flyers left behind are dropped off at the office for distribution. If you had a second photo done, please check the email you used to login for your Retakes Are Ready email or refer to the original flyer. Your retake photos are added to your original photos.



When will I receive my photos?

School: Most schools opt to have the photos delivered in Bulk to the school. Orders placed by the Order Deadline will be delivered to the school (First Block teacher) 3-4 weeks AFTER the deadline. Families have 7-10 days to order before the deadline then $4.95 shipping is applied and shipped to your address via Canada Post. Times during holiday season are longer so please plan accordingly.

Grad: It is industry standard that orders are shipped directly to your address. Orders are sent via Canada Post and shipped directly from the lab. It usually takes 3 weeks after order date.

Sports: Some associations opt to have the photos delivered in Bulk to the club. Orders placed by the Order Deadline will be delivered to the school 3-4 weeks AFTER the deadline. Families have 14 days to order before the deadline then $3.95 shipping is applied and shipped to your address via Canada Post directly from the lab.


What if I don’t have a credit card to order online?

If you don't have a credit card, don't worry! Please contact us, we can arrange a different method.


What is your refund policy?

Due to the custom nature of photography where printed products are personal and cannot be resold, we do not offer a Standard Refund Policy. We will make every reasonable effort to make you satisfied with your purchase. If your order is not as you ordered, we will fix it.


How can I save on shipping?

1)   If available, take advantage of Bulk delivery in the schools or sports associations, you have 7-10 days after the photos are ready. There is no shipping fee and orders will be delivered in bulk to the school.

2)   You can order multiple subjects on one invoice. After you've placed your item(s) in your cart, you can choose VIEW ANOTHER GALLERY on the top right corner.


I received one but not the other(s)

If multiple subjects are ordered on the same invoice, all the subjects will be included in the same package. It will be labelled and delivered to the first subject ordered on the invoice. Please remove all the photos from the package and spread them out.


I placed my order but received email reminders after

If more than one email is used to login to the same gallery, the email(s) without an associated order will receive email reminders.


I didn’t receive my digital photo.

After you place your order, a second email (other than the confirmation/receipt) containing a link to download your digital photo will follow. Please download and save your image to your device as the link expires after 4-6 weeks.


I Didn’t receive an email for my school photos

By law, the school is not allowed to provide private information (email addresses) to private businesses. We provide a customized handout for each student to bring home.

We also provide the school email information to forward to parents.

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